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导演:Catalina Aguilar Mastretta 




主演:卡拉·索萨 K·C·克莱德 本·奥图尔 何塞·马利亚·亚兹皮克 Patricia Bernal 缇尔司盖达 Reuel Pendleton Samantha Neyland Rocio Vidal 亚历杭德罗·卡马乔 Ron Marino Karl Kwiatkowski Santiago Minor Lecay Amor Flores 

更新时间:2019-11-05 10:42:12

简介: On the surface, Clara Barron seems to have it all: a job as an OB-GYN; a great house in LA; and a loving family. But, the one thing Clara doesnt have figured out is her love life. Pressured by a family wedding in Mexico, Clara asks a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend for the weekend festivities,- only to be caught by surprise when her ex- boyfriend (and family favorite) suddenly shows up after disappearing from her life completely. Torn, Clara must decide between going back to the past or open her heart to new and unexpected possibilities.